Going Organic!

Going Organic!

It may seem easy to get great organic produce and other products, but when you live a little out of the way of the mainstream, it isn’t always so easy. I am SO excited to have found Abundant Harvest Organics who deliver to Yucaipa, a town near me on a weekly basis. They deliver organic, non-gmo products throughout California. I’m going to excerpt some of the information from their website to tell you a little about them:

Abundant Harvest Organics

Abundant Harvest Organics

Supporting ORGANIC Farmers!

Abundant Harvest Organics is an alliance of small family farmers in Central California dedicated to growing superior organic produce and getting it to you in the simplest manner possible—from the field to your table.

Here is what we do best:

  • Organic produce only—we don′t substitute!
  • Unparalleled taste: varieties are chosen and harvested for taste and nutritional value rather than shelf-life and aesthetics
  • Superior quality and value, fairly priced significantly below retail value of the same product from your grocer
  • In Season—our produce is always fresh from the field
  • Supporting California organic family farmers: we believe in the value of family farms… our family has been farming in California since 1892
  • Fresh, fresh, fresh!

You have the opportunity to purchase a small box (2-4 people) or large box (4-6 people) of seasonal produce. I signed up for the small box since it is just me and my hubby. On your first pick-up you receive a great insulated bag to carry your products home. They offer a wide variety of add-ons every week like extra veggies and fruit, bread, coffee, grains, herbs, milk, meat, poultry, fish and cheese. Great way to do your weekly shopping!  I love it because I can get my raw milk and cream to make my own half and half for my coffee (delicious!!). If you have an interest in canning, pickling or fermenting and need larger amounts of produce, there is an option to buy in larger quantities. They even have prepared items of all kinds that can also be ordered including meals and it all comes from the group of California farmers who participate in this alliance. Fabulous!!

This is my first organic delivery…and when I looked at it I thought Ratatouille. Yummy! I received zucchini, yellow summer squash, beautiful heirloom eggplant, tomatoes, a huge head of luscious lettuce, scrumptious pears, Yukon gold potatoes, jalapenos, oregano, amazingly sweet seedless red grapes, and a watermelon. I added on the raw milk, raw cream, a dozen pasture-raised eggs, and 4 lbs. of dried cranberry beans. Let the feast begin!

Abundant Harvest OrganicsSo if you live in California and are having trouble getting high quality organic produce, take a look at the Abundant Harvest Organics website.

Look for my Ratatouille coming soon as well as Creamy Avocado Herb Dressing for that beautiful lettuce…


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