Heirloom Tomatoes and O'Henry Peaches


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Tomatoes and Peaches
Heirloom Tomatoes and O’Henry Peaches

Takes time to build a website but while I am building the foundation pages I just wanted to share with you the tomato bounty we picked from our garden. It is so beautiful to see all the colors and shapes of the Heirloom Tomatoes mixed together. More are coming so I’m going to have to share with friends and family! I’ve also picked some carrots, lots of summer squash, green and purple beans, cowpeas (black-eyed peas), and cucumbers. I think the pumpkins are going to be ready before October gets here by the rate they are going.

What I’m really looking forward to are the Molokai Purple Sweet Potatoes!!! Bought three plants and never having grown sweet potatoes before so we don’t know what to expect. Even one would be great. Next year I’m planning on more raised beds so there will be more places to plant the veggies I want.

We had some horrible weather a few weeks back with hail size of a quarter or more. All the hail, wind and rain really devastated the plants including the basil. I’ve cut it back and hoping it will be revived so I can make a huge batch of Basil Pesto!

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